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Battleship Bismarck Manual (H5509)


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Product description

The Bismarck, probably the most famous and feared Nazi German battleship of the Second World War, was sunk in the North Atlantic on 27 May 1941 by the Royal Navy. More than 70 years after its demise the Bismarck and its loss continue to fascinate. In 1989 Dr Robert Ballard, of Titanic discovery fame, rediscovered the wreck of the Bismarck on the ocean floor at a depth of nearly 16,000ft, reigniting popular interest in the story of the ship

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Part number: H5509
Dimensions: 270 x 210mm
Numbner of pages: 160pp
ISBN-13: 9780857335098
ISBN-10: 085733509X
Publication date: Friday, 6 February, 2015
Language: English
Author(s): Angus Konstam
Product Country: UK

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